Kindness of friends

Joe is a homeless person who has lived by his wits and on the margin of society his whole life. When I met him, he was living in a friend’s apartment and had a sweet deal. Live rent-free and have spending money in exchange for taking care of all household duties and any errands his friend needed. Joe was an executive assistant. This arrangement worked while his friend needed help.  Now, his friend has met a girl and is moving in with her. Joe needs to find an apartment he can afford.

Joe’s friend gave him notice and promised to pay the rent for three months; then, Joe had to take over paying the rent or find an alternative. The three months had come and gone, and Joe had run out of time. He is due out of the apartment in two weeks. His landlord had told him he needed to vacate the apartment unless he came up with the month’s rent. Joe was in trouble! What to do, where to turn, who to call?? The issue of where to live had become dire. He started to make plans, call his friends, ask for help, beg to stay for another month.
Joe had no job and no prospects. He believed that the Lord would provide, and his calling was to spread the gospel through YouTube vignettes to all believers. He had been spending time on his calling and ignoring the fact he needed a paying job and a permanent fix to his living problems.
Trying to stay in the current apt at $1800/mo is unrealistic. Joe cannot afford the rent, and he has no prospects for a paying job. He has to vacate the apartment by the end of September. He was given two weeks by his former friend to find a new place?? He has three days now. He needs an apartment that would be cheaper, and he could get reduced or free rent in exchange for his apt manager services. But, with time running out, where can he find such an apartment.

Another few weeks went by while Joe applied to jobs and met with scams and disappointments. Next, Joe asked, begged, and cajoled his friends to help him in his time of need. He found a couple of short-term paying projects and was able to keep body and soul together. Finally, Joe had to vacate the apartment. Somehow he got all his stuff into storage at a friend’s house, and he moved into his car. He lived in his car, ate at a Taco Bell (spending $5/day), and was able to shower and shave by using a friend’s gym membership at a local gym.
Meanwhile, Joe was scrambling to find a permanent solution to his housing problem. He finally found an apartment where he could live for free in exchange for his maintenance services at an apartment complex. Last I heard from Joe; he was waiting to move in while that apartment was being fixed and painted. Joe had found a solution to his homeless situation.
The final update: the apartment didn’t pan out, and Joe is back to living out of his car while he finds a solution. He has lost his cell phone, lives out of his car, and gets to clean up and stay at a friend’s house for a few days. Joe is living by his wits and depends on the kindness of his friends.

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